Welcome to the first food segment!

First of all , kindly answer the poll below. Let’s see which sushi is the most favourite one!

At some point in our lives, we all have craved for and drooled over that small circular shape, stuffed with different fillings and covered by rice or nori – ahh, SUSHI!

Besides rice, seafood has been the major consumed food in Japan, since geographically, it is surrounded by bodies of water. Hence, originally, raw fish is an important part of sushi. But today, not all sushi has raw fish in it.

Sushi’s popularity has spread not just in Asia but also in the West especially in United States, where various forms of sushi arise. Examples of these are: California roll, Philadelphia roll, Spicy Tuna roll, Dynamite roll and etc.

There are many kinds of sushi out there. Though they differ from the toppings and fillings, they came from the basic essential ingredients. Thus created the same.

Essential Ingredients include:

-Nori (roasted seaweed)

- Japanese rice (“vinegared rice”)

*Although I’ve read some food blogs that you can actually use lemon juice or orange juice to flavor the rice.

- Fillings or toppings

Sushi is so popular that people even made sushi-inspired food! Also we all know that there are bunch of weird stuffs on the Internet. Don’t get me wrong though, these are true and existing!

So just how weird and interesting it sounds, here are the lists of sushi-inspired food that I found! :



(c) Google Images,

—  Looks yummy! It’s just weird how the nori is at the bottom of the burger. Well it could be a sort of plate or something

but I think it would taste better if the nori  is inside the burger! :D

—- Want to know more about this sushi burger? Visit

Unfortunately it’s in Australia. Sorry Winnipegers. :D




Tired of your typical sandwich? Try this deliciously looking sushi sandwich!! ( I seriously want to try this! I’m tired of bacon and egg).

If you want to read more stuff about sushi sandwich, visit 




— Honesty? Sushi candy? It amazes me how people can be so creative.

> If you are curious how to make these well presented candies, you can click here and also here . (You can google it too you know – just makin’ your life easier!)




- Some of you may know sushi pizza exists already! But it’s totally new to me!

— Here’s one epic meal time episode for y’all, where they features “SUSHI PIZZA” (more likely SUPER-SIZED one)




All I can say is… it’s so CUTE!!! (Kawaii!!!) かわいい!!!




- Someone please get this for me on my birthday?!





 That’s an effort right there! Getting married and you love sushi so much? Make it your wedding cake!

You can find more about sushi cupcake and wedding cake at

As you might know from eating sushi or just by looking at it, presentation of sushi is as important as it tastes!

Most sushi chefs actually consider making sushi as a form of art!

Check out this video of Chef Gordon Ramsay learning how to make sushi!

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