June 16, 2011 Friday afternoon, I’ve decided to get out of my box and shoot some pictures. I’m currently staying in a dormitory here in Intramuros, Manila. Intramuros is one of the historical places in the Philippines. By just visiting this place, you’ll have a glance of our history.

Knowing that Fort Santiago is just a foot steps away from our dormitory, I went there. When I got there, I took some pictures of the place, the flowers, little fountains, trees, clouds and people. Name it, I almost shot everything. By the way just to inform you, I’m not an expert in Photography, I’m just starting out and doing stuffs to learn more about it. Well perhaps I should call this day, a practice day.

Anyways, while shooting stuffs, I’ve noticed something. I love taking pictures of PEOPLE! At first I didn’t realize that but when I got like addicted to it, I said to myself, hey I love this!. There’s something with people that really fascinates me; which is kinda weird I guess. I don’t know exactly what I really feel when I shoot pictures of them, all i know is that I love every different scenes, and it makes my heart flies. Weird but true.
I’m not friendly at all but I love people, a little too ironic, don’t yah think?
*Here are some pics that I took: (People)

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