One Month Photo Challenge

Wow. Feels like forever since the last time I’ve posted anything here. Well I guess I haven’t keep up to what I’ve said before that I would be posting a lot of things here. It’s just that I have been so busy with everything. Yeah and now ironically, I’m free as ever. I have never been so free before. What I mean is, literally I’ve got nothing to do besides reading stuffs. Currently I’m not in school now, so pretty much I have a lot of time to do anything I want. But question is , what am I going to do with my free time? and yes you’ve guessed it! isn’t obvious? I’m going to do a one month (30 days) photo challenge. So yeah , finally I’ve decided to do it after months of being lethargic about it.

I had been looking up in the internet what kind of photo challenge that I can do but unfortunately nothing really suited me. Though  I really like to do some challenges that I found because there were pretty interesting ones and definitely will boost my creativity.

My problem is the challenge usually involves outdoor shots and I don’t usually get outdoors for some reasons (but I’m working on that). Anyways, so I’ve decided to create my own version of this 30-day photo challenge.

So here it is, “For one month, take a photo of things that you consider important to you within the periphery of your room”. In my case, within the limits of my room. he he. I did this because I spend most of my time in my room. Not that I’m always alone or something. I’m just kind of a home-person. :)))

Okay, so today is day # 1: My Ukulele

My ukulele is one of the things I own that is very dear to me. From guitar I went to ukulele for several reasons:

1) It’s really small and easy to carry anywhere. That makes it so portable.
2) It’s fun to play with.
3) The sheer fact that it is so small, makes it look like a toy and for me that is so cute.
4) Ukulele has 4 strings which makes it easier to play with.
5) I just love it 🙂


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