Day #3 of 30-day Photo Challenge

Daty #3: My drumstick collection

Okay (*phew!) this is the 3rd day of my o.v photo challenge and I’m really ejoying it. (yey!). So this is my drumstick collection but it’s like more of a “broken” drumstick collection (lol). I’ve been playing drums for 4 years now I guess. I started when I was in my freshman year (secondary high-school) and now I’m a college frosh. Enough years to be good at drums they say, but I still feel like a noob cause really I’m still a noob. Anyways, so yeah that’s it for my 3rd day, my lovely broken sticks :))

3 thoughts on “Day #3 of 30-day Photo Challenge

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  2. thank you for inviting me. I already followed your blog 🙂 and I also put a follow wedgit so you can follow back. thanks. God bless 🙂

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