Day #7 of 30-day Photo Challenge

Day #7: My Treasure Box

Yey! This is officially my 7th day picture post and say hello to my treasure box. I purposely decided to take a photo of this because the number “7” is my favourite number and my historically significant number as well. So that makes my treasure box really important to me. . . and the question is why? 
Actually this is personally my treasure box but all the things inside it were from my ate(sister), friend, best friend or whatever, I just don’t know what to call her any more. I used to regard her as my only best friend but you know that thing when you just don’t know what, when, why, and how did it happen between you and the person you’re close to that you just suddenly grew apart? For sure I’m not the only who have experienced the same thing and it really sucks, right?
Well I guess it’s a normal thing to happen between friends; we change and we move on. But surely we treasure the memories and things we’ve shared to them. So yeah, here I am, treasuring and keeping all the things that remind me that once upon a time, I had a friend, a best friend who have cherished and treated me like her real sister. 
(If you happened to be reading this ate, *virtual high-five lol )

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