Self-proclaimed Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian

This past few weeks, I’ve been watching Switched at Birth. Daphne, one of the main characters is a vegetarian and curiosity struck me, “what does it really mean to be a vegetarian”? Before I did my research, being vegetarian to me simply means ditching all the meat you’re used to eat since you’re kid and you got only to eat veggies and fruits. That really sounds so horrible especially to meat lovers, right? But from what I’ve learned recently, vegetarianism is deeper than that and there’s more to it than you think. So here’s the link I got explaining in a simple way why and how people become a vegetarian. 

Knowing all these facts, I decided to challenge myself and change my eating life style. So this is the day that I say “NO MEAT AT ALL” :). I was able to cut off rice in my meal (because for filipino dishes, rice is always a part of it) for 3 months now and I can’t even stand the taste of it anymore. So I think this change wouldn’t be much of a big deal to me 🙂


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