Anime (アニメ)

From my brother to my guy cousins, I was literally surrounded by boys when I was a kid.

Whenever we had family gatherings, “the adults” would always refer to me as the rose among the thorns. That’s true enough.

I made Legos into cars, held and shot water guns, played hoops, had punched my cousin’s face at some point and pretended to be a soldier – I swear, that imaginary gun formed by your index and thumb fingers are deadly. Never did I once had stroked or brushed a Barbie doll’s hair (because yeah, that’s the only thing girls do), I did try a tutu once but I was forced to (that’s as far as I can go my friends) and I never owned “pink” stuffs (I hate pink especially the bright pink – no offence).

So I wasn’t hooked to what girls my age liked. It was more of, I like what they hate and I hate what they like.

Needless to say, this is how I got into anime. My brother and my cousins just love anime so much that it almost become a routine, in a sense that we would always wait for a certain anime to air on TV and watch as if it’s like a movie. We kept loyal to our “habits” until we outgrew them (but some of my cousins just love it so much, they can’t let it go – you guys know who you are).

Anyway, back in those days, I knew those anime shows came from Japan. Most of the shows though, were dubbed in Tagalog. Besides anime, there were also cartoons aired. Often I was confused which is which.

So here’s a brief lesson what anime is and how it differs from cartoons:

What is anime exactly?

Basically, the term anime is an abbreviated pronunciation of the word “animation”. For Japanese, anime refers to all different kinds of animation, but to western culture or in English per se, it refers specifically only to Japanese- created animation. Anime is produced by either free-hand drawing or computer-designed drawing (It could also be a combination of both too).

So how does it differ from cartoons?

1) Theme: Cartoons are usually intended to make people laugh. Whereas in anime, you get different kinds of genre closely related to life or human emotions.

2) Visual Characteristics: In anime, most characters have distinct human features and expressions which make them look real, while in cartoons, their features are mostly not realistic.

You can find more information here at  Anime Vs. Cartoons

That’s just generally it.

Since anime played a major part in my life, I’ll give you guys my favourite “top ten anime”.

Note: These shows are mostly from the ’90s – 2000s (In random order)

1) Mojacko


(c)Google Images

 2) Dragon Ball Z


3) Voltes V

Voltes-V-team-poster-voltes-v-12152905-800-826 (1)


4) Doraemon


5)  Hunter x Hunter


6) Slamdunk


-> Click here  (Nostalgia? You’re welcome!) 

7) Gundam X


8) Beyblade


9) Detective Conan 


10) Flame of Recca 



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