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I’m Yani! 19 yrs. old, residing in the Slurpee Capital of the World. Most people know me as Yaning. Just so you know my full name is Elianna but don’t ask me how I’ve got to be called Yaning. You can just call me Yani. Hopefully that isn’t confusing as I think it is.

Anyway, here’s just some facts about me (promise it’s short):

– First year CreComm student at Red River College.

– Owls are magnificent creatures mostly associated to be intelligent but “research” says crows are actually smarter. I love them anyway, in spite of their small brains.

– I play that little tiny weeny cutie instrument – Ukulele (ooh-kuh-le-le).

– Whenever I bike, I feel like I’m Ash from Pokemon *insert bicycle theme sound here.


In this blog, I’m mostly gonna explore and talk about Japanese culture. Well, I know that is very broad. So to sort things out I made my own lists of topics in which I would like to call segments (one topic = one segment). Here it is:

1) Japanese Food!!! – Who doesn’t love sushi!?! This segment features Japanese cuisine and how they are made as well as chunks of its history.

2) History 101 – features bits and pieces of Japan’s history.

3) Fun Facts! – You know.

4) Let’s Learn the Language (LLL) – In this segment, I’m gonna teach you guys the basic writing system of the Japanese Language. I’m not an expert for the most part. I taught myself the basic writing system through the Internet and How-to books. So expect that the contents would be really basic and nothing advanced. Also part of what I’ll be doing is I’m going to list Japanese apps for Apple products to help you in learning Japanese. I’ll make a review for these apps as well. It could be either in a form of short video or just the traditional text-typed review.

5) Anime – it’s one of the famous things Japanese is known for. This segment features popular Anime among the anime fans. I’ll also try to interview some cosplayers in the town.

6) Interviews – 2- 4 minute interview with Japanese people ( I’ll try my best to find one!), and people who know better and just love the culture as well!.

Even back home, I’ve always been fascinated in learning different cultures especially with Asian countries. My interest and curiosity were furthered reinforced when I came to Winnipeg. Being an International student, I was given an opportunity to meet a lot of people coming from various ethnicity. It is so interesting how people are so different yet still find a way to connect with others.

So yeah, whoever you are, you might be my fellow CreCommers (thank goodness for no auto-fails), you might be one of my friends, and you might be just wandering through the Internet, hope you enjoy my blog!.

NOTE: I’ll be posting school works from time to time so you’ll might read posts that are not related to the main content of my blog.


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